At Philadelphia Rehab, we understand the importance of well-designed medical equipment to improve the quality of life for patients with mobility issues. That’s why we offer top-quality electric beds and pressure-relieving mattresses.

Philadelphia Rehab offers top-of-the-line options for patients needing medical beds in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Our products feature multiple positioning capabilities, including reverse Trendelenburg and Fowler options, to improve comfort and respiratory functions. Similarly, our state-of-the-art medical mattresses are designed to alleviate pressure points and promote proper skin viability.

Benefits of Getting Medical Beds and Mattresses

At Philadelphia Rehab, we believe everyone deserves an independent and fulfilling life. Getting a medical bed and mattress can make all the difference in achieving these goals, especially for patients with mobility limitations. With the right equipment, you can gain greater independence, mobility, and restful sleep, improving your physical and mental well-being. Browse our products to learn more about our offerings and make a purchase.

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Make the first step towards gaining your independence back. Get your medical equipment from Philadelphia Rehab. We sell mobile, ceiling, and stair lifts, rehab bathing equipment, and medical beds and mattresses. We aim to improve your quality of life through our products. Contact us today or visit our products page to learn more about our electric beds and pressure-relieving mattresses. We serve the following areas:

  • Elizabeth, New Jersey
  • Edison, New Jersey
  • New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • East Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • Trenton, New Jersey
  • Levittown, Pennsylvania
  • Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Camden, New Jersey
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Newark, Delaware
  • Elkton, Maryland
  • Aberdeen, Maryland
  • Edgewood, Maryland
  • Perry Hall, Maryland
  • Essex, Maryland
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Columbia, Maryland
  • Bowie, Maryland
  • Silver Spring, Maryland