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For more than 30 years, Philadelphia Rehab has helped people lead more independent lives. We have respectably worked with thousands of clients throughout the Delaware Valley and beyond, helping them to discover the best options to suit their specific mobility needs. We are committed to providing the best adaptive advice, will install and fit quality medical equipment and provide service and maintenance as needed keeping your equipment functional over a long period of time.

Philadelphia Rehab strives to improve autonomy,  reduce caregiver injuries, and maintain the dignity, safety, and satisfaction of users. We remain committed to making lives easier one device at a time.

We can provide many items directly to our clients at a further distance but we are pleased to deliver and install in the NYC to Washington DC corridor.   Our prices vary based on our labor costs, we post the manufacturer’s listed prices but can often provide better pricing. Please ask us for a better price and we will work to see what we can do to provide a good experience overall.

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