Auralis Alternating Pressure Mattress (Arjo)



Safe working load: 550 lbs

Bedsores are caused by constant pressure over time, high contact pressure over a short time or low contract pressure over a longer period reducing or preventing blood flow to the skin and resulting in ulceration. If untreated these wounds can worsen and even spread all the way to the bone (Stage 4). The key to healthy skin is movement paired with good blood circulation and also importantly good nutrition. Our circulatory system moves nutrition and oxygen through our venous system which feeds our skin. Healthy individuals move approximately every 5 minutes while sleeping but if we lack the ability to turn and change position while sleeping (and also while sitting) then we are at increased risk for skin breakdown. For complex patients it is critical to choose a mattress and a cushion which will adequately reduce pressures periodically so blood flow is enhanced.

There are two basic types of therapeutic mattresses, static or alternation. Static mattresses can be foam, gel or powered low air loss. These mattresses are designed to reduce overall pressures by immersion into the surface and reduction of interface contact pressures. Alternating pressure mattresses work by reducing pressures in the individual mattress cells providing periodic offloading of the skin allowing blood to flow back into the tissue and moving the old blood and its waste products out of the system. This method promotes healthy tissue and in the event of injury provides the necessary method to heal the damaged skin. APM’s (alternating pressure mattresses) can be viewed as being actively therapeutic as opposed to passive systems which may be preventative but are rarely therapeutic for complex needs.

The Auralis APM is a system designed to periodically reduce pressures to allow for blood flow over time resulting in the healing of damaged tissue and promoting good tissue viability overall. The cycle of inflation and deflation in each cell is scientifically designed to mimic the body’s physiology providing for offloading and efficacious blood flow through the capillaries feeding the skin with oxygen and nutrition. Arjo’s self set technology controls mattresses pressures by constantly monitoring the body mass distribution and adjusting as body position changes. The mattress cover is made of Dartex and is water resistant and breathable. An autofirm control provides for a firm surface for nursing care and soft to firm controls allow for comfort settings. The Auralis also has a battery backup and a transport mode along with a CPR release.

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