HomeGlide Straight Stairlift (Access BDD)


Starting $3600



Safe working load: 350 lbs

In stock, competitively priced and can be quickly installed.

Access BDD’s HomeGlide Stairlift is a well designed, safe and space saving lift for straight staircases. High-quality padding creates a firm and comfortable seat and is designed for superior comfort. The HomeGlide’s neutral but warm sisal color and modern design allow it to blend flawlessly into your home.

The HomeGlide stair chair includes two wall-mounted remote-control units for the top and bottom of the stairs so that you can call it to you or send it away when not in use.  Its easy-to-use joystick allows for easy operation. An optional powered folding rail is available for open areas at the bottom landing. The HomeGlide stair chair is economically priced with superior engineering for a long lifetime with minimal service requirements. It has many safety features which include a retractable seat belt, emergency stop button and footrest safety switches to prevent harm to children, pets and other obstacles on the stairs. If the lift bumps any obstruction while in motion the chairlift immediately stops preventing injury or damage until the object is cleared out of the way.

A stair chair is an adaptive/assistive medical device which promotes independence in your home and gives access to your various floors making daily living much easier while preventing injuries. The HomeGlide chair glide is stylish, very durable and functional so you can remain in your home and avoid long term care residence or skilled institutional care resulting in less expensive living with much greater quality of life.

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