APM2 Alternating Pressure and Lateral Rotation Stage 4 Mattress (Span America)



Safe working load: 350 lbs

A superior powered air therapy solution with many attributes which together bring a comprehensive solution to pressure sore ulcers from stage 1 to stage 4 decubitus. Span’s special Geo-Matt design top layer is a tissue-friendly anti shearing surface. Additionally Span has developed an exclusive Shear Transfer Zones design providing more shear protection which prevent heels, sacrum and scapula from scraping injuries from movement over fabric. Alternating pressure modality promotes blood flow to the capillaries which promotes healing of damaged skin. Lateral turning from side to side offloads tissue in a timed sequence promoting healing and viability while increasing circulation and improved bowel and bladder functions. Complex patients often are unable to turn through the night creating bed sores from prolonged pressure on heels, sacrum, torso, scapula and head. Clinicians often prescribe turning the patient over every two hours which causes disruption of one’s sleep each through the night. The APM2 gently turns 20 degrees side to side over 20 minute cycles with less disturbance through the night. Better sleep promotes good health.

Complex needs often include upper respiratory infections because fluid builds up in the lungs and is not cleared by coughing. Many patients need a vacuum to clear these fluids, with lateral turning through the night these fluids are kept moving and decrease the risk of infection. Movement is a greatly beneficial in many ways.

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