RIK Fluid Overlay (Arjo)



Safe working load: 350 lbs

Fluid Immersion is a therapeutic surface designed to manage and treat stage 1 – 4 pressure ulcers and is particularly effective for users at risk for shear tissue damage. It is a non powered mattress overlay that reduces interface pressure by immersion. Arjo’s Micro Flow technology utilizes a viscous fluid which conforms and envelops the body reducing contact pressure against the skin. This fluid flows with the movement of the body and reduces shear injuries against the skin promoting increased skin integrity. The RIK Overlay is uniquely constructed with special features to reduce pressure and prevent tissue injury from tearing wounds caused by shear. The Micro Flow technique moves with body movement to prevent tearing. The head and foot section include anti-shear layers to prevent the head or heels from sliding over the surface. Foam Support Pillars help achieve great immersion for a superior therapeutic effect while preventing bottoming out. Firm overlay borders are designed to make transfers easier and safer.

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