Carendo Electric Rehab Shower Commode Chair (Arjo)


$9,429 includes seat and back cushions, safety belt and commode pail with attachment

Safe working load: 300 lbs

Arjo’s Carendo Hygiene Chair offers multiple solutions for hygiene which is typically the hardest and most strenuous chore for the care team and uncomfortable and burdensome for the user. The greater efficiency of this essential tool makes it more likely that a complete hygiene routine is provided resulting in better health, reduced care costs and most importantly an increased positive mood for the client. The Carendo can facilitate showering, toileting, dressing, foot care, hair care and sensitive personal care making this the most adaptive rehab shower chair in the market. It is battery operated and height adjustable from 18.5″ to 37.5″. The caregiver can engage many chores at their most ergonomic height reducing the strains, muscle soreness and injuries from the harder tasks of good care. The Carendo also features a powered angle adjustable seating system with tilt (Care Raiser), recline and elevated legs which further maximizes good care routines. The recline function lets the helper engage shampooing, hair care and foot care at an optimal height. The Care Raiser function lifts the user’s posterior off the seat and a single caregiver can dress and undress, change diapers, provide perineal care and with an open seat design can easily and gently perform clean up following toileting. The Carendo is also a toilet chair and can be provided with a commode pail attachment or can go over the top of many types of toilets.

The power adjustable seat, back and leg functions allow for safer and more comfortable positioning for the patient increasing the quality of a good shower resulting in an improved mental state and overall health and better quality of life.

The Carendo is fitted with a pillow for head support, seat and back cushions, a safety belt and fixed side arms to maintain a good seated posture. It is easily maneuvered into and within the rehab bath area and as the user can be dressed and undressed while in the Carendo the care team needs only one chair for many chores reducing costs and injuries for both the client and the care team.

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