Carendo Electric Shower/Hygiene Chair (Arjo)


$9,429 includes all pads, safety belt and commode pail

Safe working load: 300 lbs

The most adaptive rehab shower chair, whether dressing, showering, toileting, foot care or engaging in other personal hygiene tasks , Arjo’s battery operated height adjustable Carendo Shower Chair enables a single caregiver to assist with much greater efficiency with the user’s daily hygiene needs. The Carendo enables these routines to be carried out with minimal risk in a quick and easy manner. ( Increasing the likelihood of being fully accomplished) A handset controls all of the Chair’s functions including raising, lowering, tilting and reclining for a faster and more efficient shower for the complex user. The Carendo also features the Care Raiser Function, which lifts the lower body making it easier to change clothing and to perform perineal/personal care discreetly and with the utmost dignity.

From washing, shampooing, perineal care, dressing and undressing and also trimming toenails this rehab shower chair makes a hard chore faster, safer and greatly increases client comfort and sense of safety.

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