Maxi Sky 440 (Arjo)


Starting $4314

Safe working load: 440 lbs

Arjo’s MS440 overhead lift is mounted to either portable or fixed track systems creating a more dignified method for safe patient handling and significantly reducing injuries for both user and helper. The 440 ceiling lift is operated by either a corded handset or from controls on the motor case. Weighing 14lbs and with a folding hanger bar and carry handle can be easily moved to various rooms as needed. The 440’s portability facilitates a more economical solution for busy nursing staff caring for multiple patients.( Arjo Knowledge Blog)

The 440’s batteries are easily charged with a plug in charger and an LED shows battery status. Provided with an emergency on off button colored in red and a lowering device in the event of failure. With the 440 you can safely count on a long lifetime of service with low maintenance needs and very infrequent downtime. Philadelphia Rehab maintains loaner MS 440’s which can be quickly shipped back and forth for routine and emergency maintenance needs. Kwiktrack systems can be designed for seamless room to room transit or with simple installations based on need.

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