Sara Flex Stand and Reposition Aid (Arjo)



Safe working load: 440 lbs

Arjo’s Sara Flex is a versatile sit-to-stand mobile lift designed for individuals who are unable to stand independently but can be stood and repositioned with assistance. Our device can safely and securely lift you from a seated position to a safe, secure, and comfortable standing position in one ergonomic movement. Electrically-powered so caregivers don’t have to manually operate this medical device, it is constructed to be lightweight and portable between transfer locations. An easy to apply leg/ankle strap helps to support the user and provide increased security through the transfer, well designed handles allow the user to stabilize themselves while standing or in motion. The Sara Flex is first of all an active (therapeutic) lift requiring the patient to actively and dynamically participate in the standing motion with mechanical assistance from the Flex. Then once standing the user can engage in periodic and more prolonged upright standing. It can also convert to a passive hoyer lift and provide safe transfers from one seat to the next. The Universal Transfer Sling along with the Central Hook modification provides a passive lift but can still induce standing with less effort required on the part of the user. It is therapeutic in both modes and requires only one assistant to help with transfers and personal hygiene. The Flex is a good first choice to prompt early mobilization but can easily facilitate continued standing and transfers for progressive medical conditions.

The silicone knee pad is designed to facilitate a wider range of users and is more comfortable than other knee blocks needed for standing. The controls are intuitive and located both on the mast and also on a flexible handset cord so the caregiver can operate the lift from the best position relative to the user and operation. The motorized legs can open and close for access to chairs, commodes and toilets and the locking castors provide a safe and stable platform for transfers. The footplate is placed lower and is horizontal with a textured surface so the motion and feeling of standing is more natural and effective. Locking castors keep the stander safe and stable while lifting or lowering. The Flex has a smaller footprint for better access in smaller spaces and the ergonomic handles for the caregiver enhance good maneuverability.

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