Maxi Move Hoyer Lift (Arjo)


With Powered Dynamic Positioning: $8,997

Safe working load: 500 lbs

If you require full assistance in transfers from bed to chairs, furniture, toilets and hygiene equipment which are typically located in several rooms. The Maxi Move mobile floor lift is a safe and efficient solution for passive lifting, positioning and repositioning. The SVS, (Stable Vertical System) is a vertical mast design fixed on a secure platform enhancing safety and stability. While the Maxi Move has a variety of spreader bars the Powered Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS) accommodates more comfortable transfers while lifting the user and then innovatively orienting the user’s posture to the correct seated position. The PDPS allows the caregiver the ability to accurately and precisely match the wheelchair seat angle which increases the postural stability and comfort of the patient.

With unrivaled flexibility, stability and reliability a single caregiver is able to safely and smoothly manage the handling of the user across a variety of routines. This lift helps to improve the quality of life for the user and is safer and easier to use for the caregiver. The Maxi Move is unrivaled as the most comprehensive solution for single-handled care augmenting good safe handling practices while reducing injuries for the user and the helper.

The Maxi Move floor lift can be easily fitted with a wide variety of spreader bars (PDPS, 2 point, 4 point and stretcher) which are easily switched depending on your care or therapy protocol through the day. It is provided with dual controls, both on the mast and with a handset, the battery indicator shows the battery level so you can monitor and keep both batteries fully charged. Low height castors are at 2 & 3/8″ for better access under furniture and the Maxi Move has an automatic safety cutoff to prevent injury or damage to the lift. The Maxi Move has a very adequate lifting range reaching to the floor and raising to levels adequate for standing and gait training.

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