Maxi Move Hoyer Lift (Arjo)


With Powered Dynamic Positioning: $8,997

Safe working load: 500 lbs

The worlds best patient lift.

Whether you lack the capacity to support your body weight or are completely dependent, Arjo’s Maxi Move is a safe and efficient solution for passive lifting and repositioning. This complete mobile lift system offers both an SVS (Stable Vertical System) and Powered DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), which together provide for the safest and most comfortable transfers from lifting an individual to correcting their posture to the right seated position. The PDPS allows the caregiver the ability to match the wheelchair seat which increases the postural stability of the user. The Maxi Move also offers a variety of interchangeable spreader bars, which can accommodate various transfer needs, stretcher, 4 point, 2 point and 4 point Powered Dynamic Positioning.

With unrivaled flexibility, stability, reliability, and a battery-powered passive sling lifter, a single caregiver is able to safely and smoothly manage the handling of the user across a variety of routines. This lift helps to improve the quality of life for the user and is safer and easier for the caregiver.

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