RIK Fluid Overlay (Arjo)

RIK Overlay

Fluid Immersion is a therapeutic surface designed to manage and treat stage 1 – 4 pressure ulcers and is particularly effective for users at risk for shear tissue damage. It is a non powered mattress overlay that reduces interface pressure by immersion. Arjo’s Micro Flow technology utilizes a viscous fluid which conforms and envelops the […]


Slings are critical for safe patient handling, with a good ceiling or floor lift the sling provides the supportive surface while in motion. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the user’s anatomy and muscle control. The types of mesh slings include clip or loop, full body or hammock, general purpose […]

Inclined Platform Lift (Butler Mobility)

Butler Mobility

An inclined platform lift is a stair lift capable of lifting both the user and their wheelchair or power wheelchair up or down your stairs. Many clients experience difficulty easily transferring to a stairlift and in these circumstances the ability to move floor to floor in their wheelchair is the very best solution. Butler Mobility […]

Swift Mobile Tilt-2 Shower Commode Chair (Etac)

Rehab Shower commode chair with tilt

The Swift Mobile 2 with tilt in space technology makes personal care chores easier and safer for both the user and the caregiver. A comfortable seat and back is soft and quick-drying with curved footrests to accommodate secure positioning while showering and toileting. Height adjustable armrests, swingaway footrests are standard and for more sensitive users […]

Molift Smart 150 Patient Hoyer Lift (Etac)

Etac Smart 150 Hoyer Folded

Etac’s Smart 150 portable floor lift is the worlds most versatile patient lift. It is crafted with high strength aluminum but lightweight, easy to maneuver and foldable. It can lift to 65″ and is able to recover the user if they fall to the floor. It is foldable for convenient storage, easy to transport and […]

APM2 Alternating Pressure and Lateral Rotation Stage 4 Mattress (Span America)

A superior powered air therapy solution with many attributes which together bring a comprehensive solution to pressure sore ulcers from stage 1 to stage 4 decubitus. Span’s special Geo-Matt design top layer is a tissue-friendly anti shearing surface. Additionally Span has developed an exclusive Shear Transfer Zones design providing more shear protection which prevent heels, […]

2 or 4 Post Overhead Gantry (Savaria)

2 Post Gantry

A 2 or 4 post overhead gantry ceiling track is the next best option when attaching to the ceiling or walls is neither possible or desired and is available spanning point to point from 6′ to 20′. The 2 post (or 4 post XY) can be fitted with either the Monarch Portable or Monarch Fixed […]