Easy Air LR (Span America)

Stage 4 mattress

Low Air Loss Therapy with Alternating Pressure or Lateral Rotation. Three therapeutic modalities in one mattress. Low air loss (LAL) removes excess moisture and prevents tissue damage from maceration. Alternating pressure is an active therapy causing reperfusion of blood to the skin which promotes healing of damaged skin. Lateral rotation therapy has many therapeutic benefits. […]

Sara Stedy (Arjo)

Sara Stedy

Arjo’s manual non powered stand and reposition aid and is an enhanced standing aid and transfer device. The Sara Stedy promotes safe transfers, mobility and increases user mobilization while standing in a safe and secure environment. An innovative pivoting seat creates a comfortable platform when moving to the next seat and allows for prolonged standing […]

Atmos Air Velaris Wound Care Mattress (Arjo)

Atmos Air

A Self Adjusting Non Powered Air Mattress for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. In the reactive mode inner valves redistribute interface pressures for increased comfort and better skin viability. This mattress is a Stage 2 stand alone mattress but can convert (hybrid) to an active alternating pressure mattress with the addition of the […]

Auralis Alternating Pressure Mattress (Arjo)

Auralis Alternating Pressure Mattress

Bedsores are caused by constant pressure over time, high contact pressure over a short time or low contract pressure over a longer period reducing or preventing blood flow to the skin and resulting in ulceration. If untreated these wounds can worsen and even spread all the way to the bone (Stage 4). The key to […]

Maxi Sky 440 (Arjo)

Maxi Sky 440 Portable Ceiling LIft

Arjo’s MS440 overhead lift is mounted to either portable or fixed track systems creating a more dignified method for safe patient handling and significantly reducing injuries for both user and helper. The 440 ceiling lift is operated by either a corded handset or from controls on the motor case. Weighing 14lbs and with a folding […]

Advantage Full Function Electric Bed (Span America)

Medical Bed

Span America’s Trendelenburg Reverse Trendelenburg Electric Bed offers multiple positioning and is decidedly better for anyone spending more time then usual in a bed. Reverse Trendelenburg can maximize user comfort while Fowler’s position with reverse trendelenburg improves respiratory functions. Trendelenburg with Fowler can assist with lower extremity edema. Power operated adjustable height greatly assists caregivers. […]

Sara Plus Stand and Raise Therapy Aid (Arjo)

gait trainer

Arjo’s sit to stand aid (Sara means Stand and Reposition Aid), the Sara Plus Gait Trainer is a therapeutic transfer device to encourage dynamic and active standing and with a detachable foot plate can facilitate gait training, walking and stepping to enhance faster recovery in your home. It is an assistive transfer device providing active […]

Monarch Fixed Lift (Savaria)

Ceiling mounted patient lift

Safe patient handling virtually eliminates injuries to caregivers. For institutional settings ceiling lift installations will pay for itself by reducing staff injuries and reduced workers compensation charges. The Monarch lift is well designed with low maintenance requirements. Constant charging anywhere in the track keeps the batteries well maintained for longer lifetime and reduced service calls.

CARLO Classic Floor Lift (Handicare)

Electric Hoyer LIft

The CARLO Classic Electric Hoyer Lift provides safe transfers for both patient and caregiver and is constructed with light aluminum for ease of use increasing care efficiencies. The 6 point carry bar can be easily lowered to the floor for the fallen client and low profile legs allow access under low beds