Flow X Custom Stairlift (Access BDD)


Starting at $12,500

Safe working load: 275 lbs

If you’re limited on space, Access BDD’s Flow X may be your best custom curved stairlift. Extremely space-conscious, Flow X is designed to fit onto your staircase. With just the push of a button, this stairlift can automatically fold, saving space. Advanced Swivel and Leveling (ASL) technology allows the seat to stay stay level and rotate in a tight staircase even as narrow as 24″ wide. The backrest and padded seat are built with a slight recline while its seat and footrest are height-adjustable. This allows for the most comfortable seated position.

Ergonomically-tapered armrests provide additional support while their design also allows for an easier transfer in and out of the chair. The armrests also contain a smart detection device, designed to prevent the chair from moving when they are not correctly aligned. The Flow X includes two wall-mounted remote-control units for the top and bottom of the stairs so that you can call it to you or send it away when not in use. Its easy-to-use joystick allows for operation with minimal effort. The Flow can be manufactured to access multiple floors with multiple parking points and can travel up to 35 meters long and up to a 700 incline. The seat and footrests are very adjustable to fit a wide range of user sizes.

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