Sara Stedy (Arjo)



Stedy Compact $2952

Safe working load: 400 lbs

Arjo’s manual non powered stand and reposition aid and is an enhanced standing aid and transfer device. The Sara Stedy promotes safe transfers, mobility and increases user mobilization while standing in a safe and secure environment. An innovative pivoting seat creates a comfortable platform when moving to the next seat and allows for prolonged standing with the assurance that one can easily sit if needed. If needed a sling or safety belt can be added for increased security. It is a better method for transfers because it promotes a standing posture and as the Stedy requires active participation by the user it can improve outcomes while maximizing efficiency in transfers. The Stedy Compact is constructed to be smaller and is designed to accommodate petite users. Both models are highly maneuverable in tight spaces and is constructed with high strength and lightweight aluminum. Better than a wheelchair or transport chair the Stedy maximizes efficiency for transfers from bed to chair or onto a toilet and is easily used with just one caregiver with minimal assistance as the user will contribute the majority of effort.

Very often following an acute injury or in the case of degenerative conditions patients loose muscle strength and lengthy incapacitations often causes debilitation and can result in depression or gloomy outlooks. Many studies have shown that movement is extremely beneficial for better health, increased blood circulation, fluid motility, improved muscle tone and a better mood. Early mobilization leads to better outcomes with reduced costs, reduced injuries and enhanced quality of life.

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